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Master Chef Cooking Challenge for teammates of Monolith (UK) Ltd this November 2023

Master Chef Cooking Challenge Monolith UK !👨‍🍳

Get your aprons ready because we've turned November into an unforgettably delicious month thanks to the Master Chef Monolith UK Challenge!👨‍🍳This was an extraordinary three-week gastronomic activity that gathered our teammates to share their creativity, love to cooking, culinary expertise, and family involvement. We started with...
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NISA Expo 2023

Last week Monolith (UK) LTD participated in a successful Nisa Expo event which provided fantastic opportunity to join together hundreds of retailers and suppliers again...
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Meet Our New Frozen Warehouse

We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of our state-of-the-art Frozen Warehouse, a true testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, excellence and serving you better...
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