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Monolith - the leading and award-winning UK wholesaler and distributor of Eastern European Foods and Spirits.

Who we are

Monolith United Kingdom

We are the UK’s unique and innovative wholesaler, distributor and large-scale importer of Eastern European food and spirits. We’re the bridge between UK and Europe, the business connectors between UK retail and biggest Eastern European manufacturers.
We’re leading the way to the world of Eastern European Fine Food brands and tastes.

Our Purpose

Monolith United Kingdom

At Monolith, day by day we live our company purpose with our values based on honesty and respect to our partners.
Our ambition is to be the best wholesaler supplier in UK. Best service, best team, best products. 

Our clients

Monolith United Kingdom

We work to give the best for our clients. They help us to bring to life what we do and drive us to become better. We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we built with small local retailers, large stores and the biggest supermarkets within the retail industry in UK. 

Social and environmental responsibility

Monolith United Kingdom

We’re a company of people with a clear vision: we are all humans who live on the same planet.
The planet should be green and the people should be happy.
That’s why we are focusing on main core areas: packaging waste, food waste and responsible social impact.