At Monolith (UK) Ltd, we’re not just about innovation in our products, but also fostering creativity and togetherness among our team members. The Monolith Master Chef Team Challenge was an extraordinary three-week gastronomic cooking challenge that gathered our teammates to share their creativity, love of cooking, culinary expertise, and family involvement.

Week 1: Savor the Starters

We started with Starters😊 Unbelievable delicious and wow-looking appetizers were appearing daily in our team’s chat provoking appetite. See yourself –  it’s impossible to stand away from traditional eastern-european Smoked Sprats sandwiches, Red caviar Canapes and  thick and sour soup Solyanka

Week 2: The Main Course

As the competition intensified, our participants showcased their culinary prowess in preparing delightful main courses. Borsch, traditional Ukrainian soup was cooked by 2 participants, Pilaf with meat and pilaf with prawns – so different but both delicious! And traditional Romanian Sauerkraut with Sausages – must try!

Week 3: Sweet Delights of Desserts

The final week focused on desserts that were not just beautiful, but so deliciously sweet! For all the  Sweet tooth from Monolith UK Team:

Chocolate Crepes, Belgian Waffles, Tinginys, Brownies, Curd with jelly pieces Cake, Cake, Pains au chocolat, Cosmnos cupcakes, Apple Cake – Sharlotka, Apple Cake, Apple pancakes, Apple rolls, Curd Pancakes, Banana ice cream with brownies , Christmas Cookies, Christmas Trees chocolate sticks

One of the most heartwarming aspects of this challenge was witnessing the positive impact on families. Every dish prepared encouraged families to cook together, creating cherished moments of bonding.  Throughout this challenge, the best Master Chefs crafted their culinary marvels using Monolith (UK) Ltd products, showcasing their versatility and reliability in the kitchen.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants for their enthusiasm and dedication. Your commitment to culinary excellence and family togetherness has been truly inspiring.

Stay connected for more engaging activities and experiences in the future as we continue to celebrate the joy of cooking and togetherness at Monolith (UK) Ltd.