We’re delighted to announce that our new, fully-featured website www.monolith-uk.com is now live – and we can’t wait for you to discover it!

Our site reflects our brand, positions us as a leading, modern and fast growing company, and showcases the best of Monolith. The updated website has a new look and improved functionality to ensure an easier and more engaging experience for all our clients.

Our primary goal during the redesign process was to make the new website faster with an intuitive layout that is more user-friendly. We’ve streamlined menus, simplified navigation, and enhanced visual imagery. Combined with enhanced content and optimisation for mobile devices allowing visitors and prospects to better interact with Monolith online. We also have improved and redesign our career page

We hope you find the new website fresh and modern; we worked hard to make sure it is designed to assist visitors and retailers in informing about us, what we do and our business.

Keep a close eye on our latest achievements, trade shows, publications and company announcements in our News section. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter!!!

We hope you enjoy our new site and look!


For any suggestions, questions, comments please contact us.