At the end of the May our Sales Team met together in our Dagenham Office to discuss strategies, goals and updates related to sales activity. More than 50 colleagues shared their progress, challenges, and successes in their sales efforts.

Continuing with our commitment to continuous improvement, we implemented a new sales training program for staff who joined our team recently. The first part of the meeting we reviewed our “Big Book of Opportunities” – our Big Summer Catalogue for the upcoming quarter. The Marketing Team introduced us a presentation about our catalogue, how it was made, who is involved in creation and engaging facts about structure and product range. We made our catalogue user friendly so everyone can easily navigate and find the category or interested product. But the process of buying and listing the products for the food retailers can be confusing and hard. A lot of new products from all over the world are available today in the UK’s market, and we are the few companies offering unique service to our clients, weekly visiting them, placing face-to-face orders, share valuable information about our range, about new products and countries which are on demand based on the area of their business. Because client’s satisfaction is a top priority for us, we are offering next day delivery to the most of our clients.

At the second part of the meeting was also expected by all our members because we were tasting and reviewing our new-in products and the products scheduled for launch next months. The Marketing Team in cooperation with Purchase Department prepared and provided with an overview of the product’s features, target market, and competitive advantages.
Every product was described and divided by category, country of origin, product value and three Key benefits. Was also provided shelf life, cooking instruction and merchandise advise. We’d also discussed the sales strategy and went over the support materials that will be available to help us effectively promote the products. Special branded bags of tasty surprises was also prepared for all attendants to discover full products potential to keep everyone motivated.

Finally, everyone had an opportunity to bring up any other topics or questions they had. We heard and discussed questions related to our sales process, tools, or challenges we’d encountered.
Thank you all for your commitment and dedication. It was a productive meeting, with a lot of insights and teamwork for achieving our sales goals.